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Based on the play Albertine en cinq temps by Playwright MICHEL TREMBLAY


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Spring & Fall 2023
Quebec - Ontario

Crédit Véronique Duplain06092022-IMG_0276.jpg

Pénélope McQuade
ICI Première

It's wonderful ! The songs, the music by Catherine Major...

I cried like a baby! 

Crédit Véronique Duplain06092022-IMG_0314.jpg

Catherine Bisson, 98.5 FM

Heartening! It’s all in the strength of the performers, who are excellent!

Crédit Véronique Duplain06092022-IMG_0195.jpg

Eugénie Lépine-Blondeau,
ICI Première

It’s magnificent! With a very rich and enveloping sound and the splendid voices of the Albertines, the end result is very accessible! 

The plot

Created in 1984, Michel Tremblay’s play Albertine en cinq temps features a 70-year-old woman who, on her first night in her new retirement home, rehashes memories from the different stages of her life. At 30 years old, Albertine already suspects that the immensity of the sky will never be able to contain her rage towards life... 


The character of Albertine is the quintessential Quebec Catholic working class mother from before the Quiet Revolution. Half a century after the Grande Noirceur (the Great Darkness), women have acquired rights. Mothers and families have changed, religion has morphed, and culture has evolved. Despite all these developments, Albertine's rage remains. All things considered, do Albertine’s children really face possibilities and challenges so different from their mother’s ? 


With its story about a woman in search of freedom, struggling with her feelings and her relationship with a hostile and suffocating society that has always kept her in a cage, Albertine emerged as the obvious choice for the collective of women led by Nathalie Deschamps, director and producer. Albertine is the first opera in “joual” (French Québec dialect) . Six singers and five musicians give life to the bewitching music by Catherine Major on the libretto by the Collectif de la Lune Rouge. 


Because we are all Albertines. . .  

Albertine Team

michel tremblay.jpeg

Michel Tremblay

Catherine Major Juin 2022 - par Victor Diaz Lamich-.jpg

Catherine Major


Collectif de la
Lune Rouge



Nathalie Deschamps
Stage Director

The Cast

ChantalLambert-Tam Lam Photography-4.jpg

Chantal Lambert
Albertine at
70 years old

Monique Pagé - Crédit M. Slobodian.jpg

Monique Pagé
Albertine at 
60 years old

ChantalDionne - Crédit Pol Baril

Chantal Dionne
Albertine at 
50 years old

Florence Bourget credit Brent Calis.jpg

Florence Bourget
Albertine at
40 years old

Catherine St Arnaud Headshots-2.jpg

Catherine St-Arnaud
Albertine at 
30 years old

Marianne Lambert - crédit Julie Artacho.jpg

Marianne Lambert

Echoes from the public...

"" The five Albertines and Madeleine are an impressive female chorus! Their voices and their emotions as well as the music immerse us in the universe of Michel Tremblay in a masterful way. Relevant scenography. A presence felt much more in person than while listening to the recording.  And immense generosity from these women during the discussion after the opera. "


Hélène Pétrin

" Tremendous! Gorgeous voices! Absolutely brilliant musical arrangements by Catherine Major. Simple but very interesting plot. I loved everything about this musical adaptation of Michel Tremblay's play. Thank you for this beautiful artistic gift. "

Jacinthe Filion

“ Thank you for giving us such a good time with one of Michel Tremblay's most touching works. In a simple and judicious staging, the performers, thanks to their exceptional talent, were able to convey the power of emotions. The original music also helped to magnify the most powerful moments. In short, a high quality presentation, accessible to everyone, even to newcomers like us. "


Réal and Nancy

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