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Made up of women from the artistic and business spheres who want to give a female voice to Quebec operatic creation, the project Albertine en cinq temps – the opera, nurtured by the words of Michel Tremblay, brings together a Collective of several generations of women. 


Forced by the pandemic to rethink their artistic creation in March 2020, the members of the Collective agreed on the urgent need to give a new voice to women - for them and by them - by producing an exclusively female Quebec opera. Michel Tremblay, the only man on the board of this Collective, embraces the cause of women, and succeeds in expressing all the human and societal complexity of several generations of Quebec women, through writing that has remarkable intrinsic musicality and dialogues that can already be read like an opera libretto. 


During the first year, the artistic team was joined by a committee of businesswomen who participated voluntarily in the organization of the production and the fundraising campaign. Moreover, other women agreed to collaborate by donating to the production. The exchanges that arised from these unique collaborations were very inspiring, rallying people of different backgrounds around the same common project: that of giving a "voice" to women.


I am Albertine...

Together... That's all

One by one, the pictures will slowly give birth to beautiful and immense circles in eternity

No make-up, no status, no politics, 

untitled, ageless

I am Albertine

Together… means you and me

Because we are all Albertine.


It is not every day that we can directly  contribute to the creation of a unique and collective opera! 

If Albertine resounds in your heart as it does with us, if you wish to  support an adventure that has both an artistic and entrepreneur missions, click below to make a donation.

(donations over 50$ will receive tax receipts.)

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